Fujifilm X100T Thumb Rest or Hand Grip?

I recently purchased a Fujifilm X100T. It works great as-is two-handed, but doesn’t feel great yet to me. When I am carrying it around in my right hand, I either:

  • have to dangle the camera via a wrist strap (and that’s a no for me)
  • have to pinch constantly to keep it secure (and my fingers get tired fast)
  • or I have to palm the camera in my hand (and then I have to keep moving my hands for two-handed operation). This is not difficult or a deal-breaker, but adds up to a lot of unnecessary movement after hundreds-thousands of times.

The two options that I see are to get a thumb rest or a hand grip.

I initially liked the Lensmate Thumb Rest for my X-T1, but prefer the Fuji hand grips for both my X-T1 and X-E2. However, hand grips add significant weight (1/4 lbs or 25% additional weight) to the X100T, but how do I test this?

Thumb Rest

Funny enough, the Lensmate Thumb Rest for X-T1 will fit on the X100T, but I wouldn’t want to use it permanently.

Since it was designed for the tall, central viewfinder of the X-T1, it isn’t designed for the buttons on the X100T. As you can see, it is difficult to get to the drive and control dial, but this isn’t the actual position of the thumb in the actual product…

but it does give me somewhat of an idea of how it will feel in my hand.

Hand Grip

The X-E2 hand grip will not fit on the X100T. The tripod mounts don’t line up, but the X-T1 hand grip nearly fits…

Close enough with a little modification just to see how a hand grip feels on the X100T (grip has a gap and battery door does not open). The front lip of the hand grip hits the bottom of the X100T which makes it tilt oddly, so I added some paper folded to lift up the back.

The MHG-XT (for the X-T1) is a different shape than the MHG-X100, but again, I’m just looking to check for general function.

Here they are in the pocket of my cargo pants – thumb grip on the left, hand grip on the right.


Thumb grip


  • Feels good held up to my eye
  • Hardly noticeable in cargo pant pocket, but might be noticeable in tight shorts pocket (poke poke)


  • Might only feel good because I’m using a thumb rest that is lower than the actual design (see below).


  • Does not feel as secure if the camera is held to the side (carrying). Not enough finger grip.

Hand grip


  • Feels good to the side (carrying) (thumb still slips)
  • Ok held up to eye (thumb wants to move position)


  • Difficult getting into and out of a cargo pant pocket (and forget tighter pockets in shorts) (deal breaker), but something smaller than the MHG-XT might work.




  • Expensive combo
  • Forget it fitting in a small pocket (deal breaker)
  • (Correct product) Might have the same thumb-too-high issue that the X-T1 has when used together

So what will I do now?

I bought the X100T for portability, so I don’t want to lose the ability to just shove it into a large pocket. It truly does work fine as-is, so I will probably keep using it that way and keep my eye out for other options that don’t sacrifice portability.


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