Lazy Fireworks

Happy (very) belated 4th of July!

It has been very hot here in the Midwest, and I have not been motivated to go outside to shoot, but I did set up a quick tripod to take a few photos of neighborhood fireworks from our screened in deck (bugs eat me alive) (so the shots were a little soft — because of the screen and not because I am easily eaten alive by bugs).

20160704 214034 DSCF0417 X100T_DCE

20160704 214040 DSCF0418 X100T_DCE

There were more fireworks once the sun had set, but I wanted to get the sunset with the fireworks. Most of the neighborhood fireworks were blocked by trees, too low to the ground or didn’t come out very well. These were my best shots.


  • 5 seconds long using a 3rd party shutter release (you can plug them into the mic jack and Fuji will ask you if it is a mic or a shutter release). To get exposure, I experimented until I got the look that I wanted.
  • Manual focus to infinity
  • internal neutral density (ND) filter to keep the aperture wide (to get the foreground more out of focus)
  • Velvia film profile, Color+2 for color pop

Above are straight-out-of-camera (SOOC) jpegs that were only sharpened a little for web publishing.


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