Enlarging the Fujifilm Strap Eyelets

The spot where you attach the “strap clips” or keychain split rings to a Fuji camera body — Fuji calls them strap eyelets. I call them attachment points. You say tomato. I say tomato.*

I recently noticed that some users thread their Peak Design Anchors through just the attachment points. I wondered how they did this as the default eyelets are too small.

However, I’ve always wondered about that inner ring. Was it some sort of cushion? or protector? Was it removable?

On closer inspection, you can see that it appears removable — probably with a very small screwdriver to push it through.

This might be in the manual, but I’m pretty bad about only reading the parts of the manual that apply at the moment.

I have no need to remove this (yet), but I might in the future.


Canon labels them strap mounts (but they are wide so you don’t need a ring or clips to attach straps.

Nikon labels them eyelets.

Sony labels them “hooks for shoulder straps.”

Olympus (and Fuji) calls them strap eyelets.


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