Supermoon Comparison

I saw some interesting graphics online about the difference between a supermoon and a regular moon, so I thought that I would try it with some images that I have taken in the last few years (Canon vs Fuji and supermoon lunar eclipse) with the same equipment (Fuji X-T1 + XC 50-230mm), and here is what I got. … More Supermoon Comparison

Cloudy Supermoon

I had no plans to shoot the supermoon on 11/14/16. I’ve shot the moon on several occasions (examples: Canon vs Fuji and supermoon lunar eclipse), our family had too much to do, and I had not planned out a shooting location to make the most of the opportunity. But, thankfully, my wife noticed on their way home from music lessons … More Cloudy Supermoon

Holding the Fuji 50-140mm Up for Long Periods

Unlike my previous combo (Canon 7D + 70-200mm f/4L IS) which was perfectly balanced due to its heavier body and lighter lens, the Fuji combo (any Fuji X body + 50-140mm) is the reverse. The Fuji body is lighter, but with the 50-140mm lens, this combo becomes front heavy and is harder to zoom AND support the lens. But the solution was surprisingly simple. Attach … More Holding the Fuji 50-140mm Up for Long Periods