Tilt or No-Tilt, Viewfinders and Spring Chickens

For many years, I was fine with 3″ viewfinders on the back of my point-and-shoot cameras including my Canon G15.

But I’m no spring chicken anymore and I’m finding that what looked like the above, now looks like this (strike 1)

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That’s what happens to many people like me (over 40), but my optometrist doesn’t recommend bifocals as they don’t perform all that well especially for photographers, so I either have to take off my glasses or hold my camera further away to get it in focus.

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But that means the screen is even smaller (strike 2).

But seriously, why would I prefer a 3″ screen when I can have what looks like a high def tv right in front of me (viewfinder)? (strike 3)

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Plus, there is how screens are not so great in daylight (strike 4).

And not so discrete in dark settings (strike 5).

And if the screen is not a tilt screen, low and high angles look like this (strike 6):

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Which is why even though I really like the idea of the Fuji X70, I’ll be saving for an X100(s or t) which has several fewer strikes against it thanks to its EVF.


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