Holding the Fuji 50-140mm Up for Long Periods

Unlike my previous combo (Canon 7D + 70-200mm f/4L IS) which was perfectly balanced due to its heavier body and lighter lens, the Fuji combo (any Fuji X body + 50-140mm) is the reverse. The Fuji body is lighter, but with the 50-140mm lens, this combo becomes front heavy and is harder to zoom AND support the lens.

But the solution was surprisingly simple. Attach the tripod collar to the lens, then rest the tripod collar in the palm of your hand. By doing this:

  • You regain your ability to use your left arm as proper support (hold your elbow tight against your body)
  • And you retain use of your left fingers to adjust zoom (and manual focus) while your palm supports the camera
  • And the whole thing feels more balanced

I resisted this setup until now since:

  • I didn’t do this with the tripod collar on my Canon 70-200mm,
  • Plus the tripod collar on the Fuji is much taller which seemed awkward at the time.

It still seems awkward, but it works surprisingly well (but I have long fingers so your mileage may vary).

I’ve used this several times in both portrait and landscape orientation when I am shooting events and middle school cross country. My arms are less tired, and I take better shots and miss fewer shots because I’m able to concentrate more on shooting pictures (rather than handling an imbalanced camera).

Plus, it makes a handy handle for picking up the camera from your side.

There is even an indent in the foot that fits your thumb perfectly. (I noticed this after taking the above photos.)

Hope this helps some of you and happy shooting!


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