Panorama Printout Trick

Want to relive that 360° panorama? Try this trick. Take a 360° photo and print it out large.

20030109-241 040113A x640 q6-2400 IMAX lobby_DCE

Tape the ends together and looked at the print from the center of the circle. Viola!

20160620 083205 IMG_0230 G15 DPP_DCE

There are apps and software designed to “undistort” a panorama, but they come and go and I’m finding them harder to find. Most just pan across the photo now, but this hands-on trick doesn’t involve much technology (besides printing).

Tip: The larger the printout you can get, the better the effect. Splitting the panorama in half and printing it on two tabloid sheets (or two photos on one sheet) is much better.


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