Cloudy Supermoon

I had no plans to shoot the supermoon on 11/14/16. I’ve shot the moon on several occasions (examples: Canon vs Fuji and supermoon lunar eclipse), our family had too much to do, and I had not planned out a shooting location to make the most of the opportunity. But, thankfully, my wife noticed on their way home from music lessons that the clouds combined with the brighter moon looked really cool.

Here is what the camera captured vs how it looked through the EVF.


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And here is what I did to quickly get this image to you.

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Many Fuji X-Series cameras are able to do in-camera RAW processing. By lowering the Shadow Tone to -2, lots of details in the shadows appeared. Not bad. On my iPad Pro, it looks great.

But then I processed the original JPEG through Snapseed using HDR on the Nature setting (default 50%), it brought out even more details without looking too HDR-ish (I think).

Here are two more examples:

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Normally, I avoid one-sample HDR, but Snapseed’s work on these images were enough to bring to you what I saw through the EVF without too much hassle, but quite honestly, I’m happy with the easier Shadow Tone -2 change and not going through the hassle of getting the images from the camera to Snapseed, but I thought that I would give Snapseed a chance.

Keep in mind that since I’m using a Fuji X-E2 and X-T1, the blacks at 6400ISO aren’t full of digital noise so the HDR filter probably worked better thanks to the cleaner images.

By the way, the closeups were done with a Fuji X-T1 and XC 50-230mm hand held. It was cold out, and I didn’t want to bring out a tripod.


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