Yoobao iPad Case After 4 Years

For those of you who like long term product reviews, here are my thought on my Yoobao iPad case after 4 years of daily use.

I did a lot of research to find what I wanted for my old iPad 3. I wanted something:

  • soft and friendly (leather)
  • that wouldn’t make my iPad thick and gigantic
  • with corner protection
  • that would not go directly up to edge of the screen – hinders use of the screen

Typical folio cases were too thick and had no corner protection. Giant, tough cases were too thick and cold, so when I found the Yoobao case, I found it very appealing.

After 4 years, here is how it looks.

20160810 083220 DSCF0978 X100T yoobao ipad case 4yo_DCE

It actually looks better than this photo now that I look at the photo. The inside of the flap has gotten a lot of wear, but is still mostly together.

20160810 100051 DSCF0987 X100T yoobao ipad case 4yo_DCE

The flap insert is holding up and has only needed minor repairs (more on this later. Looks like it needs another minor repair).

20160810 083856 DSCF0985 X100T yoobao ipad case 4yo_DCE

The most wear and tear is found along the edge and at the hinge corners. Almost immediately, the plastic edge starting coming off the leather like this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My wife pealed hers off (without telling me) and found a sharp edge, I glued mine back on with my favorite Loctite ultra gel control super glue (thick and slower to dry).

loctite ultra gel control super glue

…which worked out very nicely, but basically, the entire outer edge has been super-glued back on. Here is how it looks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is not perfect, shines a little and is a little sharp after drying, but the sharpness wears down and it works.

The other worn portion are the hinge corners. Here is the rougher left hinge.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It doesn’t have the level of corner protection that a tough case would give you, but it has helped this poor iPad survive a few drops.

I don’t have a screen protector on my iPad, but after 4 years, it only has one scratch on the screen.

The magnet continues to turn on/off the iPad perfectly. Like other magnetic lock/sleep activation cases, I have to remove the iPad from the case to use astronomy apps, but I’ve found that although I love the look of the astronomy apps on an iPad, I actually use astronomy apps on my iPhone when I am outside without my iPad.

Like other pocket folio cases, it is a crumb collector. I remove the iPad every few months or so to get out the crumbs and wipe down the screen.

A few years ago, my wife wanted a coffee colored one for her iPad, but I couldn’t find a seller in the US anymore. I could see that they were still making them on their company website, but they didn’t sell directly at the time. I emailed the company in Taiwan not expecting an answer, but I got one just a day or so later. They were changing resellers in the US and the cases should be up on Amazon in a few days. What service.

Except for the edge coming off and needing to be super-glued back on, I like this case very much and would probably buy another one, but if you buy one, be prepared to spend about as much money on super-glue to keep it in shape.



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