DIY Office Crash Zone Mirrors

For some office crash zones, you are going to need big convex mirrors, but if you have walking zones prone to collisions like we do in our office, what do you do? You don’t want a giant mirror and many offices frown on installing anything on the walls.


  • cheap 3″ convex mirrors for the side mirrors of cars (sometimes under $5 each at a retail store, but can be found sometimes for $5/pair online)
  • and strong magnets from old Sonicare brush heads.

You, of course, don’t need to repurpose magnets from old Sonicare brushes — you can use other rare earth/neodymium magnets, but be warned that these are barely strong enough to hold up the mirrors onto the thin metal under all that sheetrock/drywall plaster, so use other magnets with caution.

I just use scotch tape to attach the magnets to our mirrors. This also prevents paint damage from degrading magnets.

The tape has not degraded significantly in our air conditioned office in almost 10 years.

But for a tricky spot in our office, I mounted two angled blind spot mirrors together.

Happy DIY-ing and avoiding crashes!



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