UAG Case for iPad Pro 12.9

I have a love/hate relationship with the Urban Armor Gear case for my iPad Pro.

What I love:

  • It is light
  • It keeps my iPad Pro small (compared to some other cases)
  • It has thicker corner bumpers
  • It doesn’t intrude on the screen with a thick border, but has enough border to protect the screen on a flat surface.
  • The facets on the back make holding the iPad feel more secure
  • It stands great when I want to share photos or video
  • The foot has multiple viewing angles
  • It is a beautiful matte black texture
  • The Pencil holder is soft (hasn’t scratched my Apple Pencil) yet secure, and it isn’t a problem when there is nothing in the holder.
  • Doesn’t have an awful, plain plastic screen cover that can’t be removed

What I don’t love so much:

  • The giant back foot is difficult to get to the reclined position (for typing and browsing), and it clicks loudly making me feel that someday it will be worn out.
  • The detachable piece to allow for a smart keyboard is slightly loose if you don’t have it taped to the body. (The included tape/label had to be replaced because it was not made to last long term.)

I attempted to “fix” this for how I would like it by taping the tabs to the body, but because it is a matte, honeycomb surface inside, the tape did not hold.

  • Without a hard screen cover, carrying it in a bag feels less safe.

So I attempted to mitigate this with a hardened glass screen protector. I will post a separate review on this, but all the photos above are with the screen protector.

**Update** I ended up removing the screen protector and using a soft sleeve (Amazon basics).

With every product, there are pros and cons based on budget, the design goals and your preferences. For example, other products have included hard screen covers, but also add bulk or gawd-awful plain plastic screen covers that can’t be removed (to make them more water resistant).

But, for now, this product works for me.


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