Snowy sunrise

We haven’t had much snow in the last few years in the midwest, and winter sunrises are typically bland, but a few weeks ago, I left for work with this view. The snow really did a nice job of adding texture to the dark sunrise landscape and reflecting some of the color. Here is what … More Snowy sunrise

Objects in the sky

While at a cross country for our older daughter, a parent shouted “what is that!” and pointed at the sky. It turned out to be a (Monarch) butterfly. “It’s HUGE!” she exclaimed. I don’t think it was particularly large (the laughter from people around me affirmed this), but I shot it anyway as something to … More Objects in the sky

2016 Year End Review

Happy (belated) New Year! When I started this blog, it was to: Challenge myself in my thinking about photography (7 habits “sharpening the saw”) Share my experience with those starting in photography (appeasing the teacher in me) Share my experience with products to help others avoid any pitfalls (contributing back to the community) So, did this … More 2016 Year End Review