Apple Lightning Adapters and Fujifilm X100T

The reason why I went looking for an iPhone/iPad adapter cable for my X100T was that I wanted options.

  1. None of my Fuji X cameras were connecting to the Fuji App easily after upgrading to iOS 10. Version 2.1.1 of the app released on 11/29/16 seems to have fixed that (YAY!). (And it seems to be working great in iOS 11.)
  2. Reviewing photos through the app drains precious battery power (of course), so I wanted another option for getting photos to my phone while away from home.
  3. I wanted another way to take even less equipment when traveling and taking small amounts of photos. (By bringing less backup equipment (laptop or MobileLite+hard drive).)

So, I went out and got an Apple Lightning USB camera adapter (not the Apple Lightning SD Card Reader). Here is my painful experience. Keep in mind: Some of this only applies to Fuji’s that can charge via USB like the X100S/X100T/X70. The adapter works fine when connected to the X-T1 and X-E2.

Problem #1: Because some Fuji cameras can charge via USB, connecting the USB port to an iPhone/iPad disables the adapter because the camera tries to draw too much power and you get the dreaded “Connected device/Attached accessory uses too much power” error.

And as far as I know, there is no way to tell the camera not to try to charge itself through the USB port.

OK. So how about using an SD card reader with the Apple USB adapter?

Problem #2: Previews are painfully slow when using an SD card reader with the Apple USB adapter. About 1-2 per second vs about 6-8 per second through the app.

So how about faster card readers? Nope.

I tried a few other SD card readers, then when I connected a high speed USB-II SD adapter to the Apple adapter, I got the “Connected device/Attached accessory uses too much power” error.

(The (aluminum) tape is because the adapter comes apart easily.)

Problem #3: Unlike the Fuji app, you can’t enlarge thumbnails through the adapter. It only lets you select thumbnails for download.


Apple also makes an Apple Lightning to SD Card Reader which works much faster in my tests than USB adapter + SD Card Reader.

**Update 5/2017**

FYI there are two versions of the Lightning to SD Card Reader:

  • The newer MJYT2AM/A is faster on an iPad Pro (the adapter is longer)
  • The older MD822AM/A is probably the same slower speed on all devices

A direct connection to my X-T1 was even faster.

But putting an X100T card into an X-T1 or X-E2 to connect using the Apple USB adapter works, but negates the goal of carrying less equipment (just the X100T and an iPad). That was Goal #3.

So, to review:

  • Goal #1: alternative to Fuji wifi app — mostly no*
  • Goal #2: reviewing photos on iPad — only if you remove SD card
  • Goal #3: less equipment (only X100T + iPad) — better with Apple Lightning SD Card Reader for faster speed.

*Why mostly no?

  1. Removing your SD card with all the precious, not-backed-up-yet photos from your camera (thus exposing it to becoming easily dropped or lost)
  2. Making your camera less ready-to-go since you have to transfer the SD card back in order to take a picture (rather than just switching wifi mode off).

THANK GOODNESS Fuji got the app working again for quick tasks!!!



Also, keep in mind that transferring photos by adapter gives you full size photos (3-6MB each) rather than half size photos (under 1MB each) via the Fuji app which is geared toward email and social media.

Plus, if you shoot RAW, iOS will transfer those giant files, too. (The Fuji app only transfers JPEG.)

And how about transferring to an iPhone?

As far as I know, only the iPad Pros have the higher speed Lightning port, so IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF PHOTOS ON THE CARD OR CAMERA, loading photos via either adapters is painfully slow. However, since Apple adds features to the newer and larger iPhones every year, this may change after this posting.


One thought on “Apple Lightning Adapters and Fujifilm X100T

  1. This info was exactly what I was looking for because I too was getting the dreaded “using too much power” message that meant getting RAW files from my X100T onto the iPad Pro was currently impossible.

    I think I’ll buy the faster Apple SD card reader based on your very insightful information, for which I’m very grateful. I’ve a holiday coming up and wanted to edit files on iPad and not have to go via a PC/laptop etc.

    All the best,


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