2016 Year End Review

Happy (belated) New Year! When I started this blog, it was to:

  • Challenge myself in my thinking about photography (7 habits “sharpening the saw”)
  • Share my experience with those starting in photography (appeasing the teacher in me)
  • Share my experience with products to help others avoid any pitfalls (contributing back to the community)

So, did this happen this year? Yes, yes and yes.

And what did I learn from my first full year of blogging? It is darn hard!

Writing about 2 posts a week (one about equipment and one about photography) adds up to over 100 posts! The writing is hard. Despite it looking like I’m just writing of the cuff, I actually try to structure it, rearrange it and reduce it when it gets wordy. Plus, it’s tough getting photos to illustrate the points while working a full time (non-photo) job, and being a husband and being a father to two busy daughters! And getting a tic bite that included some nasty symptoms that knocked me on my butt didn’t help!

But now to the recap.

In 2016, I went 100% Fuji. No more DSLRs.

  • Will I ever go back to Canon or try out another brand? Maybe. I am not brand loyal. I pursue equipment that can capture what I see with the least hassle and cost.
  • So far this is working out for kid’s soccer and middle school cross country


I experimented with:

  • Lens extensions
  • Ring lights
  • (And pretty much everything with the X100T)


I made several How To’s but here are some of my favorites:


Additional new equipment for 2016 included:


And, of course with new equipment comes modifications


What is up next?

  • I’m planning on getting a Velbon Ultra 655(A) tripod to get me to use a tripod more often. If you want to change a behavior or use something more:
    • take away the obstacles
      • I love how quick-and-easy my Velbon Ultrastick extends and contracts
      • The Ultra would be lighter than my very old Bogen.
    • and make it part of the natural workflow (store it in the car?)
  • A Fuji X-T2 would be a wonderful addition (thumb focus point selector, faster and more accurate focus, 24MP (more flexibility to crop))
  • This spring might be the last kid’s soccer season that I shoot (for a while) due to my youngest growing too old for non-competitive league.
  • Continue to expore time lapse photography.

Last year’s year end review


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