Using a Silver Sharpie to Repair a Silver X100T

I like the look of my silver X100T, but it has suffered its first silver paint damage. I store the camera in a long lens bag inside my computer bag with the left edge resting on top of a fabric battery case.

20160809 080912 DSCF0975 X100T battery pouch_DCE

Unfortunately, the silver paint was not durable enough against the fabric. A tiny bit of white now shows where the paint was scuffed off.

I attempted to cover the paint with a silver sharpie, but since the liquid paint from the sharpie can’t match the smooth application of the OEM paint on the camera, it shows up as different than the paint at nearly every angle. (But that’s the nature of silver paint which are like flakes of tiny mirrors.)

However, a ton of people would not notice this, and it took some effort to make it show up in photos.

(Ignore the EV+2 in the EXIF. That is what it was set to, but the rest of the camera’s settings made that moot.)

This is pretty much what I predicted would happen someday when, many months ago, I posted about the durability of silver Fujifilm cameras.


I speculated from seeing photos of used cameras on eBay that silver would not be as durable, but I wanted silver on my X100T to see how people would react (all my other cameras are black).

I now have a foam cushion between the spare batteries and the camera, but I know scuffs and dings in the silver paint are going to happen again. I had secretly hoped that this would be like that distinguished Leica that grew old gracefully. It is not looking that way, but we will see.

If I could do it again, I would probably get the black X100T. Maybe in a few years, if I still like shooting with my X100T, I’ll get its replacement on black. Who know.


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