Objects in the sky

While at a cross country for our older daughter, a parent shouted “what is that!” and pointed at the sky. It turned out to be a (Monarch) butterfly. “It’s HUGE!” she exclaimed.

I don’t think it was particularly large (the laughter from people around me affirmed this), but I shot it anyway as something to do. Here it is (full image and 100% cropped).

Fuji XF 50-140mm at 140mm. Continuous focus on my X-T1 followed it nearly perfectly for about 5 frames.

Here are some more from when I am out-and-about on walks, at my kid’s soccer practices or games or at cross country meets.

Looks like the last one was a Channel 9 news chopper.

I’ve done this over the years, too, with my Canon bodies, but they were never as clear or sharp as one from my Fuji’s.

And here are some of the Blue Angels.


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