Snowy sunrise

We haven’t had much snow in the last few years in the midwest, and winter sunrises are typically bland, but a few weeks ago, I left for work with this view.


The snow really did a nice job of adding texture to the dark sunrise landscape and reflecting some of the color.

Here is what a Fuji X camera sees by default. (My Canon cameras were much more bland.)


Nice, but how did I get from default to here (using a Fuji X camera)?

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Photography is full of tweaks so here is a quick rundown of the tweaks used here.

  • I used EV-1 (to get richer colors) and Shadow Tone -2 (to recover shadow details)
  • Then I used Velvia film simulation to really expand the vibrancy
  • And finally, changed Color +2.

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Over many years, I have tweaked (RAW) photos from my Canon, Sony (and iPhone) cameras all the heck (professionally and as a hobby) and was never able to get the color to feel this good AND actually have dynamics in the color.

Canon/Nikon/Sony camera settings and Photoshop/Lightroom/App filters just mash more color into the scene like overusing the same 3 crayons into a thick mess. Looked ok when reduced for social media, but was awful to look at up close or blown up* — kinda like stage makeup.

Expensive Photoshop/Lightroom filters probably can do this with Canon/Nikon/Sony RAW files, but you can this IN-CAMERA right now, on the spot (no post processing) and move on with your life (using a Fuji X camera)!

How awesome is it to be a photographer right now?


Why are details in photos so important?

  • For professionals, enlargements rely on good details. Have you ever seen a house (or furniture) that looked fine from a distance, but if you got up close, the craftsmanship was not so good (so bad that you wouldn’t want to live there)?
  • For everyone else, you don’t know what the future will bring. Will we look at our photos on 8ft tall digital wallpaper? projected directly onto our retinas with nearly 180° views like standing 6ft from a 1000″ TV?
  • Will this be how we view our once-in-a-lifetime photos? Will we want to see our 1000×1000 pixel “high resolution” social media photos (our only copies?) this way? Blown up so each of the over-crayoned pixels is 1″ wide like a duplo block?
  • Think future technology will recover that 1″ pixel into 1000×1000 additional pixels?

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