Velbon Ultrastick as a temporary cane

I recently hurt my heal and needed a (temporary) cane without going to the store. I ended up getting an inexpensive cane (which worked much better), but here is what I learned.

For the temporary cane, I used my Velbon Ultrastick r50, took out the tripod screw (so it wouldn’t dig into my palm)…


Strapped on a bandanna (to pad my hand from the ridges and make it easier to hold)…

20170126 204755 DSCF7065 X100T ev+1 ht+2_DCE.JPG

and added a tennis ball to the bottom to keep it from sounding so loud when it landed.


This was a workable option for short distances, but rather tiring to use over time and it slid on smooth surfaces (due to the tennis ball). The monopod also had to be locked fairly tightly in order to keep from shortening (it was never supposed to hold up this much weight) so it was also hard to unlock, so before I broke my very nice monopod, I got a proper, inexpensive cane which is working much better, but my heal isn’t healing as quickly as I would like (but I am not resting it as much as I should). Unfortunately, there is no rest for the weary, and the show must go on.


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