Generic Bluetooth receiver

I didn’t find much info on inexpensive Bluetooth receivers for use with my earbuds, so here is my brief review on the generic Bluetooth receivers that I purchased off eBay.

bluetooth receiver s-l400

Mine is branded Sowtech and doesn’t look like the one pictured in eBay.

As you can see, it doesn’t have beveled sections and doesn’t have a power icon printed at the center which is good since it isn’t the power button (there is a switch). The button is for pausing/playing which is really handy.

This also has no forward or back buttons that I can find, but it wasn’t something that I needed or looked for and is not listed on eBay or the printed manual.

I can hear it go into power save mode when there is no audio which seems to confirm Bluetooth 4.1 tech inside.

Audio is good, but the lowest volume is louder than other Bluetooth devices that I tested.

Power lasts for several hours (about 8 as listed) and does take about 1.5 hours to recharge.

Occasionally, it will get unpaired and I will have to remove/forget it on my iPhone and pair it again which isn’t a big deal.

I have noticed that if my iPhone is also paired with my Jarba Cruiser, audio is occasionally staticy. This goes away as soon as I ditch the Jarba connection.

I can maybe get 30ft away with nothing blocking in between, but audio cuts in and out more often as you get further away.

Sound/video does NOT pause if you unplug your headphones.

It, also, does appear to operate while charging, but I haven’t tested this long term.


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