Fuji time-lapses: Interesting subjects


Interesting subjects

Don’t forget that your time-lapses should have interesting subjects. Besides sunrises and night photography, here are a few other interesting subjects to get your imagination moving.

Interesting clouds

This 1hr time-lapse started in near black at 6:20 and ended at 7:20am.

20170218 062101 30sec int 1hr cloudy sunrise 15fps 600x600 ab100p makeavi GIPHY.gif

The first exposure was 13sec* and the last exposure was at 1/500.

*In the big 1080p version, you can see stars at the beginning.

Special modes

Fuji cameras (like many cameras) have special modes. I particularly like Miniature mode. Combined with interval shooting and you get this.


(I haven’t figured out why it seems to jump every once in a while (not regularly). The camera was in manual focus.)


Girls Scouts building a exhibit out of cookie boxes was very interesting. Sorry that I can’t share it due to privacy concerns, but that’s just motivation for you to shoot your own!



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