Fuji time-lapses: Battery life


Battery life

I don’t know what other camera’s are like, but for my Fuji bodies, for a 999 picture test that I did 1 second apart (almost 17 minutes) Large image size, just JPEGs (normal compression) manual focus, I drained a full Fuji OEM battery down to 60% left (40% used).

For an all day test that I did 1 minute apart just JPEGs (normal compression) on a partially charged battery, I was able to shoot for over 6 hours (over 300 pictures) before the X100T stopped operating (was at about 30% left). This long duration is due to it shutting down between shots with long intervals (which I have not tested, but I know is at least 30sec or more).

I have not tried testing the difference between mechanical shutter and electronic shutter mostly due to the electronic shutter being limited to 1sec exposure maximum. That makes it less flexible for my needs.

Camera Interval Duration Exposures Remaining
X100T 1sec 17min 999 60%
X-E2 30sec 2hrs 240 30%
X100T 1min 6+hrs 300+ 30%*
X-E2 2min 9hrs 270 20%

*Partial batt
JPEG only (typically Medium image size)

The X100T and X-T2 can recharge its batteries by USB (but I don’t believe it operates using USB power), so if your intervals are far enough apart for it to turn off between exposures, it should operate until you get to 999 exposures or until your card is full. The X-T2 also adds 2 additional batteries if you get the battery grip.

And many cameras (including Fuji) can also take power adapters.


I have begun shooting intervals in Miniature mode which requires more post processing, so needs more than 1sec between shots. This also drained the battery faster.


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