Fuji time-lapses: Final thoughts


I wasn’t going to write about this – this is something that is probably best learned from experience, but here is a little food for thought.

How much time should you have between frames?

Well, it depends on:

  1. Your subject (how fast is it moving)
  2. The look you are trying to capture (including how long your video/animation will play)
  3. How big the final will be displayed (smaller needs more motion, bigger requires less)

There aren’t set rules, but there are many considerations.

  • If your intervals are too far apart, but your subject is fast moving, the result may be hard to appreciate.
  • If you interval is too close, you run the risk of:
    • Having too slow a result even at 60fps
    • Having to take the time to remove frames or select which frames to include
    • Running out of battery or having your camera stop too early
  • Also keep in mind that if your exposures vary and become longer than the interval, your time-lapse’s speed may start to vary.

Finally, don’t forget:

  • If shooting night-scapes indoors (my lazy way), minimize unwanted lights.
  • If shooting outdoors, don’t forget to shoot on days with some clouds – cloudless sunrises/sunsets aren’t as interesting and cause banding (see below). Apps like Golden Hour can help.
  • Shoot with some padding – some peak moments in sunrises/sunsets can go as fast as 2-3 minutes, but it would be a good idea to plan to shoot more (15-20 minutes?) depending on what you are trying to capture to make sure your peak moment is captured. There are many websites and apps to help you determine the time of the moment you want to capture.
  • Make sure your battery is charged up.

Final thoughts

I kid you not that there are tons of other tweaks if you search online. Good luck. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Go be awesome!

Good luck!


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