Does shooting film change you as a photographer?

How often have you read or heard someone say that shooting film changed them as a photographer?

As a former psychology (and sociology) student (back in the day 😛 ), I find this statement interesting, because at its core it says:

“Doing something different made me change.”

or “Walking in someone else’s shoes changed my view of the world.”

And, for many of you, you are now thinking, “well, duh!”

These new “film made me change” statements seem to come from photographers who didn’t shoot with film first (when there was only film) so they don’t have the experience to realize that photography is not static. It keeps changing.

20170303 000015 30sec 3hrs starry night brighter 600px 30fps giphy

Many of us grew up with film and switched to digital. Since there are dynamic range and color differences (each manufacturer makes their cameras output color differently), it made us adapt (aka change).

20150329 223015 t2i pano 2band 50p_DxO-P100_DCE

Many of us bought additional lenses which changes how our cameras record the world and therefore changes how we shoot and see the world.

(Some of us grew up with Speed Graphic cameras and moved to 35mm. Some of us moved from plates to roll medium format. Each of these was a change that probably produced sentiments and articles that were pro and con for change.)

So of course trying something new is going to expand your experience and possibly make you change. So why post or tweet about it?

  • Maybe out of self-centered / social media desire?… to blow on the megaphone that is the Internet? (Sharing what use to be only in private diaries and conversations?)

dumb in private

  • Maybe to announce your membership to a community (film shooters in this case)?
  • Maybe to ask others to come along for the ride (look what I discovered!)?

In any case, I just find it amusing. (And I’m sure that I am amusing to some people visiting my site, too. 🙂 )


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