Battery pouch for Fujifilm batteries

A while back, I purchased two battery pouches for my Fujifilm cameras. They have worked marvelously for several months, so I thought that I would purchase a third pouch. Unfortunately, I did not get the same thing.

The eBay listing, once again, used the same image as before.

ecostconnection s-l1600 small battery pouch.jpg

Previously, this got me a long pouch which wrapped around perfectly, but this time, I got what was pictured (gasp!). Here is a comparison.

The pockets are deeper (which makes the batteries sliiighly harder to get out, but that is not what bothers me).

20170414 082701 DSCF1074 X100T battery pouch_DCE

It is also slightly wider (but that is not what bothers me).

This will be fine in my pocket, but to get it to be as small as possible, so it will fit along with the other battery pouch in the small pocket on the top of my Adaptor backpacks

…there is one problem that needs addressing.

The wrap is too short to get around easily, and the edging is different. Instead of the velcro-resistant ones from before, this pouch has edging that gets pulled by the velcro, so wrapping the short cover causes the velcro to slowly fray the edging and possibly cause the edging to eventually detach.

If it was only going to fray (so eventually have no fabric loops for the hooks to pull on), I wouldn’t have any problem with that. So it won’t be pretty. I’m the only person who sees this anyway, but to prevent the edging from fraying you would think covering the edging would be the answer. But no.

But before I get to the answer, FYI I had no plans on putting a velcro strip all the way across the border because:

  • It would be too loud to open,
  • This would be way too much velcro force than needed, and
  • The adhesive on the velcro would not hold this way (due to the adhesive resistant materials) and I would be left with a gooey mess.

But, thankfully, a short, 2″ strip done this way (see below) is doing very well.

Just enough velcro to keep batteries from coming out unintentionally, and enough to keep in place. I have it going a little long so I can put my thumb on it when pulling it apart. The adhesive holds enough, but, as with my other pouches, it likes to detach a tiny bit.

And, here is the surprising part, the rest of the velcro is not pulling on the border as much anymore. I can’t explain why. The additional velcro only helps prevent the edging close to the additional velcro from being close to the hooks. I’m dumbfounded, but glad it is working.

Not perfect but workable. Not bad for a few bucks.

It is possible that one of the other eBay sellers actually delivers a product similar to what I got before, but I don’t need to buy another case. This one is working. Next!


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