Metro Case for Fujifilm X-T1

I like the Metro Case for my X100T. For me, it make the small camera fit in my large hands better, but I already had a large grip for my X-T1 and didn’t need another one. Then, I noticed that the Metro Case for X-T1 was on sale. Nice!

First of all, I like keeping my Spiderlight Hand Strap on my X-T1 all the time for convenience (handheld or on a strap). It can be taken off, but isn’t convenient to take it on-and-off all the time.

But, the Metro Case for X-T1 is not compatible with Spiderlight strap. This is because the X-T1 Metro Case goes around the right strap mount (thus making it impossible to mount the Spiderlight strap). (FYI The X-T2 metro case does look compatible.)

But, I don’t plan to have my Spiderlight strap mounted to the X-T1 forever. When it becomes a light-weight, 2nd body with only a small lens, the much lighter Metro Case grip (vs the Fuji Metal Hand Grip large) will be appreciated.

Fuji X-T1 Metro Case Grip f4.gif

First impressions:

  • It takes a bit of gymnastics/contortion to get it around the X-T1’s built-in finger grip (sorry, it is hard to describe), but it fits like a glove after that.
  • From how I use my other hand grips, I was reasonably sure the curved front would fit naturally with my fingers, and I was right (but it still looks odd).


  • The build quality is just as good as my Metro Case for X100. (And, it doesn’t have a grip pad to become detached (in long-term storage).)
  • Nylon is tough but warm and grippy
  • The case is extremely light, but tough.


  • My copy is visibly less black than the X-T1 body (but I’m probably the only one that really notices). This is also the case for the Metro Case for my X100T.
  • The curved front makes using the front dial harder (since you can only access half the rotation). I notice this the most when I am trying to compare pictures with Focus Assist enabled.

20170429 100907 DSCF1146 X-T1 metro case_DCE.jpg

  • The thumb grip make using the focus lock button harder (but, in my opinion, it is always hard to get to in the first place, so I often temporarily assign focus lock to the exposure lock button at events when I need it a lot.)

20170429 104617 DSCF1157 X-T1 metro case_DCE.jpg

  • For some reason, the recessed back buttons are slightly harder to press with the hand grip in place. I’ve never had a problem with them until after I added the grip. My guess is that the raised section blocks how my thumb works on the buttons. Compare it with the X100 Metro Case which has an indent for the buttons.

Thumb rest

On my X100T case, I added a small bit of foam to the thumb bump to make it more comfortable. It has lasted for several months without any problems.

I also added a small bit of foam to the X-T1 case, but I’m not sure it needed it. The bump sits differently against my thumb, and the added foam hides the activity light.

For now, I’ve gone back to the Fuji MHG-XT Large because I like it better for my heavy 50-140mm + Spiderlight hand strap.

MHG-XT large vs metro case animategif

But I think it will go back on in the future when my X-T1’s role goes back to being a light-weight travel camera.


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