Help prevent people from walking into screen doors

When birds fly into windows because they can’t see the windows, we often stick bird-shaped stickers on the windows to help them see the windows. At the beginning of the summer, our family often walk into the screen doors because it has been so long since we used the screen doors. So I attached a magnet … More Help prevent people from walking into screen doors

Chasing more bees

I was lucky enough to be able to chase some bees again but this time at my younger daughter’s last soccer practice. The last time that I tried this, I knew it would be hard since the subject moves around a lot and the depth-of-field is tiny. According to the PhotoPills app, the total depth … More Chasing more bees

Panoramic base PA-64

I’ve been shooting panoramas for many years now with my old Bogen tripod from the 90’s. Recently, I decided to upgrade it with an L-bracket (for panoramas) and needed an ARCA clamp, but instead of just using a standard ARCA clamp, I decided to get one that rotates so I could mount cameras either left-right or … More Panoramic base PA-64