Skipping the Fuji X-T2

20170506 091906 DSCF1333 X-T1_Crop_anon_DCE

If you have the money to buy all the photography equipment you want, then this post is not for you.

If you are a professional and need to eek out every bit of performance and ease-of-use, then this post is also not for you.

But if you are a family photographer and have a limited budget, you might consider this idea.

Treat your photo equipment purchases like purchasing cars.

Yes, that next model camera has cool new features, and yes, it has been a few years since the last model was released, but do you NEED those features? Or would you be better off enjoying what you have and either:

  • Saving the money for the next model or
  • Spending that money on photo experiences (travel)
  • Spending that money on other things like lenses (or behavior hacks (see below))

So, in my case, I’m skipping buying a new X-T2.

Yes, if I had all the money in the world, I would get an X-T2 to improve shooting my kids in sports, but I already get nice shots with my X-T1. An X-T2 would just give me a few shots more to choose from.

And yes, an X-T2 would make selecting focus points easier shooting events, but I already do pretty well after switching the d-pad to focus selection (takes a while to get use to) and reassign the front FN button to focus mode.

And yes, a 2nd card slot for backup (because SD cards can fail) would be nice, but:

  • I don’t make my living on photography (if I did, the X-T2 would be very attractive),
  • I already backup my shots between events,
  • and for my family shots, if the event was that critical, I could switch out cards during the event (the onus/responsibility is on me, not the camera).

And finally, yes, the larger megapixel count would give me more pixels after cropping which I often do with sports, but my crops now serve my family and other soccer parents pretty well since we aren’t printing 6ft prints for a gallery.

So for my 2017 photo budget, instead of blowing it all on one new X-T2, I’m planning on getting a few lenses and have money left to spare for things like backup drives, SD cards, etc… maybe even a 2nd used X-T1.

Another thing you might consider is hacking your behavior to improve your photography.

For example: do you wish that you would use a tripod more but always leave it at home? For significantly less than a new camera, you could get one and leave it in your car. Or get a small one that you leave attached to your camera bag.

Just a few thoughts to consider.


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