Panoramic base PA-64

I’ve been shooting panoramas for many years now with my old Bogen tripod from the 90’s. Recently, I decided to upgrade it with an L-bracket (for panoramas) and needed an ARCA clamp, but instead of just using a standard ARCA clamp, I decided to get one that rotates so I could mount cameras either left-right or front-back depending on the orientation of the ARCA plate on the camera.

This also gives the setup the ability to carefully take panoramas tilted up or down.

20170321 113513 DSCF9659 X100T haoge pa-64 panoramic base_RT_DCE.jpg

Mine is from eBay and branded Haoge PA-64.

It is hefty and significantly thick.

The machine work is good, but left 4 sharp corners which I carefully rounded with a file.

This removes the coating, but my attitude is that:

  • It will get dinged up with use anyway (cosmetic)
  • I am the only person who is going to notice
  • And the aluminum isn’t going to rust.

The dial for clamping down the rotation works for locking, but slips instead of changing the tension on the rotation.

Rotation is also tight. When I tried it out for its intended purpose (as a panning base), it barely rotated fast enough before my Fuji cameras would complain about rotating the camera too slowly. If I forced it to rotate any faster, it would move the tripod. The tension is looser if the base is warmed up in my hand which makes me think the grease will make it even tighter in cold conditions.

Would I get it again? Yes — for the low price. For that, it is livable, and the long clap dial is nice, too.


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