Tiger Lilies – iPhone vs 140mm

In the previous post, I showed you how you can change the look of a photo by changing your lens.


Here are some examples of trying to match the look of the 140mm photos with an iPhone.

Here are 3 shots made with a 140mm lens:


Here are photos shot from the same spots with an iPhone:


The iPhone shots had to be heavily cropped (down to around 600px wide) because I was this far in each shot:


Here are the photos side-by-side:


A forth shot was tricky. With my 140mm, I was able to capture specular highlights (bokeh balls) in the background:

20170606 195714 DSCF4208 X-T1 ev-.3 specular highlights_DCE.jpg

but because this was created with golden hour sun, I was getting haze/flair from the backlighting on the iPhone which did not have a lens hood:


Cropped, these iPhone photos looked like this:


Because the effective aperture of the iPhone is over f/16 in ff, it could not capture the specular highlights that 140mm at f/2.8 could capture.


And it didn’t matter if you got up close to the flowers with an iPhone:


The background changed as you got closer to the subject, and there wasn’t enough shallow depth-of-field to get specular highlights, but getting close removed the haze/flare of the wide shots with the sun and sky in view, and these iPhone photos have their own merits.

So there you have it. Very different looks — each with its own merits.



Have fun experimenting!


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