Repairing a newer camera with a 14-year-old camera

I noticed that a screw was missing from my wife’s point-and-shoot camera.

20170710 224942 DSCF0078 X100T_DCE

Oh, no! The top plate now wiggled a little, and there was no way she was going to let me tape it together (to keep it together).

20170710 225129 DSCF0080 X100T_Crop_DCE

And since these screws are tiny, I did not have much hope in finding a replacement at the hardware store or online. I tried the tiny screws from hard drives that we take apart at work, but no luck. Then I remembered that I have a few very old digital cameras in storage.

20170710 225214 DSCF0081 X100T_DCE.jpg

(Just look at the tiny screen on the back of the 14-year-old camera!)

20170710 225301 DSCF0082 X100T_Crop_DCE

Luckily, the screw was close enough (threads seem to match, but the head was a tiny bit larger).

20170710 225421 DSCF0083 X100T_DCE.jpg

Add a little slow-drying super glue to help prevent it from getting loose again (I didn’t have any Loctite for screws, but this is better than nothing).

20170710 225545 DSCF0085 X100T_Crop_DCE.jpg

And the camera is repaired. Yay!


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