Solomark Deluxe solar filter

In preparation for the upcoming solar eclipse, I purchased a Solomark Deluxe solar filter with Baader planetary film. This seemed the most economical way to get a rigid frame rather than building my own solar film holder.

The box that it came in is perfect for protecting the delicate film in transport.


Attachment by hood

This particular holder juuust fits the hood of the lens I plan to use.

The hood is somewhat pliable, so I had to be careful not to tighten the screws too much. I also added felt for added grip and to spread the pressure.

This setup lets me remove the filter quickly to capture totality during a solar eclipse.


Attachment by step-up rings

If you can’t attach to the lens or hood, you could use a set of generic step-up rings like this one.

Although the screws technically hold the rings in place, I felt better if the metal screws did not touch the metal rings, so I added some felt.

(FYI my generic step-up rings don’t lock together perfectly. Between two pairs of the rings, it spins but does not come apart. My guess is that the threads are juuust shortchanged enough to miss each other and be loose. These same filters fit fine on lenses and filters (which have more complete threads). This might be important in some situations, but I think that I will be aright here.)


Attachment by DIY adapter

Or you could build an adapter out of cardboard like this:



(FYI Like my shots of the moon, I tend to underexpose then brighten in post to retain the most details.)

The Baader film is supposed to give you a neutral-white result, but with white balance set to auto, I got a blueish-purpleish tint with my Fuji X-T1.

The left is original. The right is a little enhanced in post. Switching WB to daylight got the same results, but with WB set to shade, I got a slightly warmer color.

I can easily remove the color in post, or switch film simulation to black and white, or turn it orange in post like some of the other solar films do.

We will see how this goes on the day of the eclipse.



FYI I was too chicken to leave the camera pointed at the sun for more than a few seconds. Also, it was too hot outside for me to think about dropping down the ISO and shooting at a wider aperture.

From my previous tests f/22 on a Fuji camera doesn’t impact sharpness nearly as much as when I shot Canon, but I still want to get the aperture down to around f/8-11 when I am not testing.



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