Chasing more bees

I was lucky enough to be able to chase some bees again but this time at my younger daughter’s last soccer practice. The last time that I tried this, I knew it would be hard since the subject moves around a lot and the depth-of-field is tiny. According to the PhotoPills app, the total depth … More Chasing more bees

Snowy sunrise

We haven’t had much snow in the last few years in the midwest, and winter sunrises are typically bland, but a few weeks ago, I left for work with this view. The snow really did a nice job of adding texture to the dark sunrise landscape and reflecting some of the color. Here is what … More Snowy sunrise

Objects in the sky

While at a cross country for our older daughter, a parent shouted “what is that!” and pointed at the sky. It turned out to be a (Monarch) butterfly. “It’s HUGE!” she exclaimed. I don’t think it was particularly large (the laughter from people around me affirmed this), but I shot it anyway as something to … More Objects in the sky

Supermoon Comparison

I saw some interesting graphics online about the difference between a supermoon and a regular moon, so I thought that I would try it with some images that I have taken in the last few years (Canon vs Fuji and supermoon lunar eclipse) with the same equipment (Fuji X-T1 + XC 50-230mm), and here is what I got. … More Supermoon Comparison

Cloudy Supermoon

I had no plans to shoot the supermoon on 11/14/16. I’ve shot the moon on several occasions (examples: Canon vs Fuji and supermoon lunar eclipse), our family had too much to do, and I had not planned out a shooting location to make the most of the opportunity. But, thankfully, my wife noticed on their way home from music lessons … More Cloudy Supermoon