Spider at sunrise

Two days after my previous brief photos session with the spider in the parking garage, I found myself face-to-face with it again, but instead of a cloudy day, it was bathed in morning sun. This gave me a 2nd opportunity to capture it and its web. Again, the shots were around 4-6 inches away with … More Spider at sunrise

Starry sunrise with Venus rising (deflickered)

One of the time-lapses that I have been wanting to take is a sunrise that includes pre-dawn stars. This is particularly tricky because the increasing light requires your camera to NOT be in manual mode. As a result, the minor differences in exposure between frames can cause the animation to flicker like this: What is happening … More Starry sunrise with Venus rising (deflickered)

Solar Eclipse 2017

I prepared for the solar eclipse for a few months before the event. I got a solar filter (read this post), staked out my site several times with the PhotoPills app and got an LCD hood (read this post) in preparation for that site, but I ended up just shooting it from the shade of … More Solar Eclipse 2017