Panoramic base PA-64

I’ve been shooting panoramas for many years now with my old Bogen tripod from the 90’s. Recently, I decided to upgrade it with an L-bracket (for panoramas) and needed an ARCA clamp, but instead of just using a standard ARCA clamp, I decided to get one that rotates so I could mount cameras either left-right or … More Panoramic base PA-64


I recently started shooting star time-lapses out of my kitchen window. Being near the city, I thought that we would have too much light pollution, but they actually look pretty good if shot correctly. Then I thought, could I use these time-lapses for star trail photos? And could this be done easily and cheaply? The … More StarStaX

Generic tempered glass screen protector for iPad Pro

I’ve installed tempered glass screen protectors on 5 cameras so far. They work great — much better than plastic screen protectors. They don’t noticeably diffuse the light (aka great transmission of light), clean easy and go on relatively easy (if you can control dust in the room). In reality, I don’t even notice them there unless I brush … More Generic tempered glass screen protector for iPad Pro