Camera displays and shooting outdoors

When shooting outdoors on sunny or partially sunny days, there is no question that viewfinders reign, but many small cameras now opt for no viewfinder. Why is this important? Because people, including you, are easily influenced by hurdles — even small hurdles. In this case, you might not stretch as a photographer and shoot a tall composition … More Camera displays and shooting outdoors

Does shooting film change you as a photographer?

How often have you read or heard someone say that shooting film changed them as a photographer? As a former psychology (and sociology) student (back in the day 😛 ), I find this statement interesting, because at its core it says: “Doing something different made me change.” or “Walking in someone else’s shoes changed my view of … More Does shooting film change you as a photographer?

Camera Control Chaos

I often get asked by random people if I can tell them how to operate their camera. Since I often walk around with a honking big camera (or multiple cameras), I guess that makes them think that I am an expert in all cameras, but it doesn’t work that way. But first: some background Decades ago, when all … More Camera Control Chaos

Nothing Inherently Wrong With Spray-and-Pray Photography

I don’t know everything about everyone’s professions and hobbies, but I bet there are different terms you’ve heard for the same technique — one to praise it and one to put it down, but it is the same technique. When someone doesn’t like it, they call it one name, but when someone likes it, they … More Nothing Inherently Wrong With Spray-and-Pray Photography