Slowing down

There are, unfortunately, going to be fewer posts this year due to lack of useful free time and the need to get caught up on existing work. I have dozens of partially done posts that need illustrations so the slowdown isn’t due to lack of ideas. Good luck to all of you and Happy New … More Slowing down

Oregon forest fire sky

The forest fire in Oregon is nearly 2000 miles away, but they are impacting our skies. Here is what our late afternoon sun looked at soccer practice in September. And here it was at night. The moon was 6-7 stops darker than on a normal night which made it more difficult to photograph.

Instant Pot C6 error

We have happily used our Instant Pot (Duo60) for a few years now, but it started acting oddly lately. It did low pressure dishes like rice fine, but under the high pressure settings, it would not stop its heating cycle so the pressure release valve would release every time (and would go until all the … More Instant Pot C6 error

Amazon side and back-loading camera backpacks

I just noticed that Amazon has a pair of camera backpacks that are back or side-loading! Left one is side and back loading. Right one is side and top loading. These are direct links. I get no support from Amazon. I have not tried out these backpacks. I just like knowing my … More Amazon side and back-loading camera backpacks