Outdated reviews

There are tons of good reviewers out there, but most of the reviews I found for Fuji X cameras are on the old firmware. This would normally hold for Canon and Nikon DSLRS which only offer significant updates by buying a new body, but the firmware updates make a HUGE difference in Fuji X cameras. Many of the complaints in the old reviews are no longer relevant (and are probably making people make uneducated decisions which is a pet peeve of mine).

Neglected settings

Also, (this applies to all cameras, but especially Fuji cameras), many of the complaints that I see on the Internet can be addressed in settings. Don’t take any complaint into account until you have researched to see if there is a setting that takes care of this problem. (This applies to me, too. so let me know and I will correct my posts.)

For example, Fuji not ready to shoot after taking a photo (not as responsive than a big DSLR)? Turn off Image Display (aka image review) (in Screen Setup) and BOOM! The camera is ready as fast as you are.


Just like any other blog, most of this is just my opinion based on my style of photography. If you have a particular style of photography you like, don’t listen to me. Go shoot and have fun!

And finally, this blog is likely NOT for:

  • Newspaper or magazine photographers who use top-of-the-line Canon or Nikon DSLRs.
  • Professional photographers whose clients expect you to be using a giant cameras.
  • Photographers who are use to an extremely rugged camera like the Canon 7D, 5D or 1D.
  • Photographers already invested in Olympus or another mirrorless systems.
  • Photographers who do not wish to move from the menu systems in their cameras.
  • Photographers who do not wish to move from the PASM dial.
  • People who want a single review that covers everything. (Sorry, folks. Hate to break it to you but reviewers are a separate human being from you and won’t cover everything you want. Read multiple reviews / points of view.)

This blog IS for: 

  • Any photographer open to getting out of the Canon/Nikon/Sony box
  • Any photographer seeking a lighter, smarter camera/partner