Camera displays and shooting outdoors

When shooting outdoors on sunny or partially sunny days, there is no question that viewfinders reign, but many small cameras now opt for no viewfinder. Why is this important? Because people, including you, are easily influenced by hurdles — even small hurdles. In this case, you might not stretch as a photographer and shoot a tall composition … More Camera displays and shooting outdoors

Oregon forest fire sky

The forest fire in Oregon is nearly 2000 miles away, but they are impacting our skies. Here is what our late afternoon sun looked at soccer practice in September. And here it was at night. The moon was 6-7 stops darker than on a normal night which made it more difficult to photograph.


Hummingbirds in our back yard have been one of the most difficult subjects for me to capture. Besides being very skittish to our presence They usually only come out when the light is dimmer so it is difficult to get enough shutter speed to make their wings look good and keep ISO noise down (which … More Hummingbirds

Improving image quality with median (is it worth it?)

A while back, I read an article about improving low light photography when you don’t have a tripod or can’t stay long enough to set up a tripod. The method was to take multiple photos hand-held at high ISO and performing a median stack on the images. This sounded promising, so I wanted to put it to … More Improving image quality with median (is it worth it?)