Chasing more bees

I was lucky enough to be able to chase some bees again but this time at my younger daughter’s last soccer practice. The last time that I tried this, I knew it would be hard since the subject moves around a lot and the depth-of-field is tiny. According to the PhotoPills app, the total depth … More Chasing more bees

Objects in the sky

While at a cross country for our older daughter, a parent shouted “what is that!” and pointed at the sky. It turned out to be a (Monarch) butterfly. “It’s HUGE!” she exclaimed. I don’t think it was particularly large (the laughter from people around me affirmed this), but I shot it anyway as something to … More Objects in the sky

Holding the Fuji 50-140mm Up for Long Periods

Unlike my previous combo (Canon 7D + 70-200mm f/4L IS) which was perfectly balanced due to its heavier body and lighter lens, the Fuji combo (any Fuji X body + 50-140mm) is the reverse. The Fuji body is lighter, but with the 50-140mm lens, this combo becomes front heavy and is harder to zoom AND support the lens. But the solution was surprisingly simple. Attach … More Holding the Fuji 50-140mm Up for Long Periods

Tiger Lillies

There are a few ways to decrease depth of field. You can get farther away and use a smaller aperture. Or you can get closer and your depth-of-field drops to mm’s. The seconds set of shots with the 10mm extension tube was not easy. Focusing is not normal with extension tubes in place. What you end up with … More Tiger Lillies