Temporary Theme Colors

*updated 1/15/16*

I apologize for the ghastly choice in theme colors, but I noticed that links were not showing up well in text due to free WordPress’s poor contrast text color choices, and this text palette for this free theme was the only one that showed hyperlinks.

I guess that ya get what ya pay for.

I have not found another theme that I like yet, so bear with me until I figure something else out.

*update* I still haven’t found a theme that I like. I’m a former graphic designer so I’m pretty particular.

  • Home page should have a small photo AND some text (not the entire post) with links on the right.
  • Posts should be with links on the right or at the end (but text using the full width if links at the end).
  • Text should be clear including legible font and good contrasting colors (no gray text on muted color backgrounds — nice mood, but hard to read).
  • Link colors should be clear (dark, dark green links along with black text is NOT clear WordPress).
  • No restriction to ALL CAPS header. HAPPYPHOTODAD just looks odd.