Chasing Bees

I have new found respect for insect photographers — especially ones who shoot very busy bees. I recently shot bees at sunset with my 50-140mm at 140mm wide open (f/2.8) at its minimum focus distance (3ft), and man! Are those bees are hard to track and keep in focus. At f/2.8 at this distance, you’ve got … More Chasing Bees

DIY Ring Light

I read about how you can use a certain kind of camping flashlight as a ring light, so I got one of these cheap off eBay sometime last year. Don’t do it. Just get a proper ring light — a generic one isn’t that much more cost and you get a much more useful product. Here is … More DIY Ring Light

Generic Small Ringlight

I recently purchased extension tubes to open up my options for close up photography. What I quickly learned was: Multiple extension tubes reduces your exposure significantly (almost 2.5-3 stops with both 10mm and 16mm stacked) When you get inches away from your subject, you can end up blocking the light you need with your lens (and camera). So, … More Generic Small Ringlight