The Everyday Backpack by Peak Design

Last year or so, Peak Design came out with the Everyday Bag which sold very well, but it was a messenger-style bag which isn’t my cup of tea. In general, I like backpacks. Now, PD has started a Kickstarter campaign for their next products which includes the Everyday Backpack that is quite intriguing.

c22981adab15a2023476786d8d282d2c_original everyday backpack.gif

It has many of the same features that I like in my Vanguard Adaptor 41 and 46 — especially the side access panels which appears to be even larger than on the Adaptors.

a4509c0835f8dd7620d5976cc55ba84a_original everyday backpack.png

Plus they are larger (20L and 30L). That makes them as large or larger than my Lowepro Flipside Sport 20L which I use when I need to carry a lot of equipment, but the Flipside Sports aren’t subtle (in orange).

If I didn’t already have my Adaptor backpacks, I would seriously be looking at these bags. There’s about 57 days left for the campaign. Go visit their Kickstarter page for information.




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